The truth is...
You are being deceived about your food.
If you're concerned or even outraged,
you have every reason to be.

If you care about your health,
and you want the truth about your food...
Then you're invited to join
The Food Revolution!
A Welcome Message from John and Ocean Robbins

Come together with revolutionary thinkers and visionaries
when it comes to the food you eat!

Dare to discover the most cutting-edge information,
startling facts, and inspirational wisdom that will heal
you and have you CELEBRATING LIFE!

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When you sign up, you'll receive our complimentary Food Revolutionary Action Guide, featuring bestselling author John Robbins in gamechanging conversations with world renowned nutrition expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman and bestselling GMO expert Jeffrey Smith. Get the information you need to take advantage of the latest learnings of medical science, and to protect your family from inadequately tested and potentially dangerous genetically engineered foods. Complete with food revolutionary steps you can take, this action guide can support you on the path to lasting health, and help you to make a difference in the world.

You will also be joining a powerful network that is here to help you thrive. There is no cost to being a member of the Food Revolution Network. Not now, not ever. We are the team who is completely committed to your health and the health of our planet! And we are dedicated to spreading the word and educating everyone and anyone who will listen.

When you join The Food Revolution Network you will receive the most powerful and up to date information about your food, how to stay healthy, GMO-free living, governmental legislation regarding food, successful dietary choices, how to educate those around you about food AND SO MUCH MORE!

We will bring you the latest updates and free access to the world's leading experts on food, diet, health, and global wellness. This website is one of the web's most trusted sources for cutting edge information about your food and your health!

Why call for a Food Revolution? Because a Revolution is what's needed!

Cancer rates are rising at an alarming rate. Rates that have never been seen in human history.

Large-scale industrialized food production is wreaking havoc on the air we breathe and the water we drink, our forests, topsoil, water, and climate. Farm animals are being treated inhumanely, and farm workers are often exploited.

Genetically engineered "Frankenfoods" are being released into the food supply on a vast scale without adequate testing, risking the health of all those who eat them. And the more artificial food we eat, the fatter and sicker we become. In fact, health care costs are higher and more people are chronically ill today than ever before.

THIS is why we need a Food Revolution!

Industrial agribusiness is controlling much of the world's food supply! They have huge advertising budgets to market highly processed, genetically engineered, chemical-laden, pesticide-contaminated pseudo-foods.

But you may not be aware that they are also dominating policy and regulations on food safety. With all their lobbyists and political donations, they pretty well run the show in most of our government regulatory and agricultural agencies here in the United States, and also in other countries.
As long as they are in control, our families and our children are at risk, plain and simple.

Join us in the Food Revolution!

Knowledge is power. We don't care about the profits of big agribusiness; we care about your health, your wellbeing, and the welfare of our planet and all its creatures.

You already know that there's a huge link between your food and your health.

You know that a majority of the medical costs that are bankrupting families, companies, and nations could be eliminated with better nutrition.

Now you can get answers and join the solution!

Join the Food Revolution and take control of your health!


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